Elizabeth Warren Is Outraged That DNC Agreed To Her Demand That Bloomberg Debate

There are fundamental organizing principles in the universe for all living things. Elizabeth Warren's is hypocrisy.

Bloomberg has passed Warren in recent polls, putting her on the edge of political oblivion. Bloomberg got there by buying a ton of ads without ever appearing on a debate stage. Considering that Warren's debating skills helped end her candidacy, she's hoping it can do the same thing for Bloomberg. And so she covertly pushed the DNC to lower its standards and allow him on the debate stage.

Progressive allies of Elizabeth Warren have approached the Democratic National Committee to lobby for an unusual cause: including billionaire Mike Bloomberg in upcoming presidential primary debates.

The move, described to POLITICO by a co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, reflects the desire of liberal activists to pin down the former New York mayor, who has avoided verbal combat with his opponents by waging a self-funded campaign that plays by its own rules. 

Now Warren could have just claimed credit for this development and promised to take him on in a debate and exposed him as a running dog capitalist.

But no, that would be too simple for a blonde white woman who passed herself off as Indian. Also Sanders allies are fuming and admitting what she did would give them another weapon. 

So it's time for Warren to condemn the thing she fought for.

"The DNC didn’t change the rules to ensure good, diverse candidates could remain on the debate stage. They shouldn’t change the rules to let a billionaire on. Billionaires shouldn't be allowed to play by different rules—on the debate stage, in our democracy, or in our government," Warren tweeted.

The DNC changed its rules under pressure from, among others, her people. And she's condemning the move. I'm shocked there's gambling going on here too.

Meanwhile, the diverse candidates were polling at next to nothing. Bloomberg is in third place. It would be absurd not to have the no. 3 candidate not show up to the 2020 debates. It would make them a bit of a joke. That's as opposed to having Cory Booker on stage even though few black people, white people or any people want to vote for him.

But Liz wants her debate cake and she wants to eat it too.


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