Elizabeth Warren Vows to Force States to Legalize Pot

Leftist activism comes in three phases.

1. Come on, man. Stop oppressing us and let us do X.

2. All laws interfering with X must be eliminated.

3. You must do X.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has predictably reached phase 2 on drugs. I'm sure her third phase plan to make everyone get high so they don't realize that she's a compulsive liar, will be equally awesome.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she would reduce federal funding to states that refuse to legalize marijuana and prevent “Big Tobacco“ from dominating the burgeoning industry in her wide-ranging plan to overhaul the country’s drug laws, which she announced Sunday in Denver.

In the past, federal funding was used to prevent states from legalizing drugs. Now, under Warren's imaginary Big Sister regime, it would be used to force states to legalize drugs. But at least she'll make sure that drug dealers don't face competition from Big Tobacco, which is evil, as opposed to drug dealers, who are good. Because capitalism is evil, that's why.

Warren's plan would not force states to legalize cannabis. But it would reduce federal funding for law enforcement in states that decide not to legalize cannabis if the racial inequities in arrest rates for marijuana do not improve.

So states would have a choice between...

1. Legalizing drugs

2. Arresting more white people for pot

3. Arresting no one for selling or smoking pot

Warren, like most socialists, hasn't considered what states will do in the real world. But hopefully it will involve arresting one of her family members.