Elizabeth Warren's Desperation Play

Low on cash and eclipsed by an unadulterated socialist, Warren's pathway to the Dem nomination, once so broad, has narrowed to an impossibly twisty tunnel. Her strategy reflects her nearly impossible course. She needs Bernie's voters back, but can't attack him directly. So Elizabeth Warren trains all her firepower on Bloomberg to impress the Left. And hopes Bernie goes down.

While she scores points off Bloomberg, she hopes that mainstream Democrats, and Bloomberg, take down Bernie, clearing the way for her. It's a typically overthought and cowardly strategy. And those are the brands that define Warrenism.

Elizabeth Warren could be where Bernie is if she had run against Hillary in 2016. 

Revolution Messaging, the Obama folks who discovered Bernie and made him a household name, had first started a draft Warren campaign. But Warren didn't want to be steamrolled by the Clintons. So she calculated and waited. And her moment passed.

All the work she invested in the ground game in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada didn't end up amounting to anything.

And, after an initial try, she's too wary to take on Bernie directly in any focused way. Instead her only hope is that the rest of the party does her dirty work for her. Because Warren is ultimately a coward. Always has been. Always will be.

I called this back in 2018.

The Left won’t unite around Warren. Trump has shown her weakness. And her polling has been weak in Massachusetts.  The future of the un-bravest Brave in the state lies not on the frontier, but in an MSNBC green room. Once she’s out of the Senate, maybe MSNBC will even give Warren her own show.

Call it, “Pow Wow Chat.”