Elizabeth Warren's Hypocrisy PAC

Remember when Senator Elizabeth Warren was condemning PACs? Good times.

A group of women progressives who back Sen. Elizabeth Warren has formed Persist PAC, a super PAC airing pro-Warren ads starting Wednesday in an effort to boost her performance ahead of Saturday's crucial Nevada caucuses, a spokesman told Axios.

Persist PAC's board includes four women in progressive politics who have worked in the labor, civil liberties and reproductive rights movements: Denise Feriozzi, Kristine Kippins, Karin Johanson and Kim Rogers.

Spokesman Joshua Karp said the ad buy exceeds $1 million. He declined to detail the group's budget or identify sources of funding. "Senator Warren is the best candidate to take on Donald Trump and win, and we're going to ensure primary voters and caucus-goers hear her message," he told Axios.

But I'm sure that Warren is totally against this.

Flashback: Warren told her rivals during the Feb. 7 Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire that "everyone on this stage except Amy [Klobuchar] and me is either a billionaire or is receiving help from PACs that can do unlimited spending," and if the others meant what they said about wanting to reduce unlimited spending and special interests they should "put your money where your mouth is and say no to the PACs."

And in the past her campaign had condemned a PAC.

Last November, Hayden said the “campaign was not aware of this and asks that those involved immediately stop purchasing advertisements of any kind. Elizabeth Warren believes democracy is undermined by anonymous, dark-money attempts to influence voters — whether that influence is meant to help or hurt her candidacy.”

Now, only in the abstract.

“Senator Warren’s position hasn’t changed. Since day one of this campaign, she has made clear that she thinks all of the candidates should lock arms together and say we don’t want super PACs and billionaires to be deciding our Democratic nominee,” Warren campaign spokesman Chris Hayden said in the statement.

Which is not a demand that the PAC stop, but a backdoor excuse for benefiting from a PAC by blaming the other candidates.

So much for putting your mouth where your mouth is and saying no to the PACs.