Google Announces New Wave of Political Censorship on YouTube

After a long time of being a free speech platform, Google has gone on a Jihad against free speech. And it's rolling out more political censorship guidelines for the election.

Most of Google's new ban terms are not unreasonable, including removing content that misstates voting dates and places. And marking content produced by government actors.

That's fine though platforms have routinely failed to mark Al Jazeera content.

But here's where this becomes political censorship.

"Content that advances false claims related to the technical eligibility requirements for current political candidates and sitting elected government officials to serve in office, such as claims that a candidate is not eligible to hold office based on false information about citizenship status requirements to hold office in that country."

It goes without saying how many Obama videos this would have taken down.

There are technical requirements. And those requirements are mostly objective. Such as age. Others, especially residency, are more subject to interpretation.

That goes for residency in a district. It also goes to the question of "natural-born citizenship". I don't personally agree with that interpretation. Neither do courts. But suppressing the content of people who make that constitutional argument is not a technical issue that can be objectively assessed, but a subject of ongoing debate. And just because courts rule a certain way, doesn't shut down the issue. 

Claiming that Obama, McCain or Ted Cruz are not eligible is a political argument. It can be disagreed with, but people have the right to make it. Once again, Google disagrees and engages in political censorship instead.