“He Has an Almost Unimaginable Inability to Connect with Black People"

If you're following the 2020 race, you can probably guess who the "he" is.

Buttigieg’s plans are okay, two people at the meeting said — but his pitch lacked both a sense of urgency about dealing with race and a sense of empathy for the challenges that black people are facing.

“He has an almost unimaginable inability to connect with black people," said one person who was at the meeting. Buttigieg's campaign has hired several black fundraisers to help it raise money, including Marcus Switzer, a senior adviser for fundraising on the campaign.

Buttigieg has a fantastic ability to connect with the voters he needs, aging white moderates and liberals looking for Obama II. He has and will continue to have zero appeal when it comes to connecting with anybody else.

He's an android out of Notre Dame created to appeal to Notre Dame people who are pretty much his electorate. 

Once you take college boy off campus or MSNBC or a vegan eatery, he can no longer function.