Is It Too Late for Mitt Romney to Join the 2020 Dem Primaries?

The Democrats have two problems.

1. Their 2020 presidential field is a trash fire.

2. They needed a Republican senator to defect and vote for impeachment

Romney bailed out the Dems on 2, why not 1?

Now, I'm sure that The Bulwark or Jennifer Rubin will propose this any hour now, so let me be the first and claim copyright on the hot take.

Romney's wealth was a problem last time, but this time he's just a millionaire in a field with two billionaires. He's been pro-abortion before. RomneyCare helped create the ObamaCare mess. And, most importantly, he believes in whatever the media consensus is.

So he's perfect.

Unlike Biden, Romney can deliver a speech from a teleprompter, without groping random young girls, or repeating sayings from 1896. Unlike Bernie, he isn't a Communist, until the New York Times decides that we should all be Commies. And he has a tiny bit more personality and personal warmth than Bloomberg. Not that much. But somewhat.

All Romney has to do is endorse illegal migration, again, late term abortion, freeing all the drug dealers from prison, castrating children, and whatever else is in vogue right now, 

And he's in.

Romney 2020. 


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