Leftist Assaults 15-Year-Old Trump Supporter in New Hampshire

The Dems are looking for a new 2020 candidate. I think that they just found him.

A New Hampshire man allegedly attempted to topple a President Donald Trump campaign tent and slapped a nearby teenager across the face after he exited a polling place in Windham during the state’s presidential primary Tuesday evening.


The alleged incident took place around 6:12 p.m. outside of Windham High School. Police said Patrick Bradley walked out of the school, which was serving as a polling place. Then, as he walked past the Trump campaign tent, which had “several campaign supporters / workers” inside, he allegedly slapped a 15-year-old and then allegedly assaulted two adults who attempted to help the teen.

Along with allegedly trying to knock over the tent, he threw Trump campaign signs, authorities said.

That's not his current mugshot. It's his funnier previous mugshot. You'll never guess what for. Or maybe you saw the mugshot and have a pretty good guess.

According to NewsCenterMaine.com, he was arrested by state police in that state who accused him of being in possession of 7.7 lbs. of vacuumed sealed marijuana in January 2017. A few months later, in Rochester, according to Foster's Daily Democrat, he was arrested again, accused of driving a pickup truck into a car to harm a woman. During questioning, police accused him of assaulting them. Bradley was charged with felony reckless conduct, two charges simple assault of an officer, two charges of disobeying an officer, driving after suspension, and warrants.

GraniteGrok, which reported the story, notes that the perp was let go initially right after the assault.


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