Nevada Union Takes On Bernie Sanders Over Health Insurance

Begun the socialized medicine civil wars have.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders would “end Culinary Healthcare” if elected president, according to a new one-pager the politically powerful Culinary Union is posting back of house on the Las Vegas Strip.

The new flyer, a copy of which was obtained by The Nevada Independent, compares the positions on health care, “good jobs” and immigration of six Democratic presidential hopefuls who have come to the union’s headquarters over the last two months to court its members. But the primary difference outlined in the document, which is being distributed in both English and Spanish, is in the candidates’ positions on health care, taking particular aim at the Vermont senator over his Medicare-for-all policy, which would establish a single-payer, government run health insurance system.

Sanders has been angling for Nevada because his numbers are pretty good with Hispanics. But the Dem vote in Nevada is heavily dependent on a handful of powerful tourism industry unions. And the CU warning members off Bernie is significant.

Socialized medicine depends on taking away everyone's healthcare and replacing it with Medicaid. 

The only major unions to support that are the nursing unions. 

Previously, Sanders wasn't taken seriously. Now the Dems and their various special interests have to calculate the threat. And that includes unions protecting their health care. We'll see more of this as the race progresses.