Pelosi's Speech Tear Was The Best Applause For Trump

Or maybe not.

The best applause is the admiration of your enemies. And since in this case that was never going to happen, the second best applause is their impotent rage. 

And that's what Pelosi's speech tear moment was.

President Trump delivered a very effective SOTU while Pelosi's final years in office will be remembered for overseeing the disastrous impeachment project followed by what increasingly looks like, even to Democrats, a lost election.

The contrast between the effective State of the Union and the shambolic Iowa Caucus could hardly have been any more striking.

Sure, Pelosi may have wanted another calculated meme moment like her condescending applause photo, but this seemed like genuine frustration and anger, she was clearly furious at Trump's attack on California's sanctuary state policies. The SOTU laid out an effective agenda. Pelosi's response was spiteful and ineffective, a furious gesture of impotent rage. The final act of a sore loser.

Pelosi's tantrum only crystallized the impression many independent voters have that instead of doing anything useful, House Dems are pursuing a petty vendetta against Trump

Her page tearing moment didn't just hurt herself, she hurt House Democrat chances


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