Sanders and Buttigieg Still Arguing Over Who Won Iowa

We know who lost Iowa, Biden and Warren. 

Yang gets some kicks because he kept acting as if he were going to score in Iowa. And didn't. Not that he actually has a chance. 

But Buttigieg and Sanders are still arguing who won Iowa. Not that it's much of an argument. The Sandernistas keep touting their usual numbers which don't translate to a final count. Not that it matters. Whenever Sandernistas lose, like all lefties, they blame a conspiracy. The only funny part was when they had to urgently switch from Biden-centric conspiracies to Buttigieg-centric conspiracies.

But give the boy points, Buttigieg arguably won. Whatever the final count is. Sanders was already on an upward trend as the No. 2 candidate. Winning as No. 2 is not that big of a deal. Buttigieg was the one who really scored. But really no one won.

The losers spent a lot of money and got nothing. The winners spent a lot of money and got next to nothing. Buttigieg is getting a boost going into New Hampshire. And his campaign is preparing to sweep away Biden's people. Sanders gets resentment cash from his supporters and a fresh new grievance. Which is even better. But it's not a straightforward victory. By any means.

Sic Transit Gloria Iowa