The Sanders - Latino Nevada Union War is On

If there had to be a war between Senator Bernie Sanders and the unions, and his plan to take away the health insurance plans of union workers made that inevitable, this is, strategically speaking, the best foot forward for unions going on the attack.

1. The Culinary Workers Union is Latino. Any attacks by Sanders proxies crying racism might work against some of the usual unions, but not here. And CWU's lefty creds are pretty solid too. 

2. CWU didn't go aggressively on the attack. All it did was put out a flyer pointing out that the Sanders plan would deprive their members of their health insurance. Insurance that CWU members had given up pay raises to get. All to end up back on Medicaid.

3. But Sanders and, more importantly, his people have the self-control of deranged Chihuahuas with rabies. So of course the hate and threats began to pour in. Allowing the union to play the victim.

Culinary Union Secretary-Treasurer Geoconda Arguello-Kline said in a statement Wednesday that Sanders supporters have “viciously attacked” the union

“The Culinary Union has faced some of the toughest companies who wanted to break our union, and even the President of the United States Donald Trump – and won,” she said.

It's on.

Other unions are stepping up to defend CWU. And Sandernistas are replying with more hate. Meanwhile the pro-Sanders media keeps running the same stupid "explainers" spinning that CWU members would get the same and even better care under Sanders.

With icing on top.

Except that what Sanders promises and reality are on two separate planets. And those promises are coming from a guy who shrugs off questions of costs as beyond him.

This is a fight that Sanders really doesn't need now. It hits him on his weakest point. Medicare for All's destruction of private insurance, its impact on unions, and his empty promises. That devastated Kamala's campaign and then Warren's. 

Now it's Bernie time.