SNP's Leftist Scottish Future Leader Resigns After Hitting on Underage Boy

The Scottish National Party, whose great dream is leaving the UK to join the EU, and collect welfare forever, has not been having a good few years.

In my recent article on Muslim sex grooming gangs in Glasgow, I noted the SNP's own predatory connection.

The SIF's boss, Osama Saeed, who has cheered a return of the Caliphate, was an adviser to former First Minister Alex Salmond, the SNP's dirty leader, who ran Scotland into the ground.

Salmond is currently on trial for assaulting 10 women.

The Scotland National Party's answer to Harvey Weinstein even stands accused of trying to rape a woman in Bute House, the official residence of the First Minister, and in the Scottish Parliament.

Is it really any wonder that Scottish authorities have managed to do an even worse job of tackling Muslim sex grooming gangs than their counterparts in Manchester, Rotherham, and Oxford?

And speaking of sex grooming and the SNP.

Scotland’s finance minister has resigned, hours before he was due to deliver his annual budget, after he reportedly sent hundreds of messages to a 16-year-old boy on social media.

Derek Mackay quit Thursday, saying he had “behaved foolishly.”

The Scottish Sun newspaper reported that 42-year-old Mackay sent the teen more than 270 messages on Facebook and Instagram, telling the boy he was “cute” and offering to take him to a rugby match and to dinner. Mackay is not accused of breaking the law.

Mackay was seen as a successor to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. But it appears that he would have made a better successor to First Minister Salmond. At least this explains why the SNP's budget for pedophilia was maxed out.

Will this break the SNP's death grip on Scotland? Don't count on it. 

Jihadis, sex grooming gangs, and raping women in the Scottish Parliament didn't do it.

Once lefties take over, they're like cockroaches. You can't get them out.

But speaking of lefty Celtic nationalist leaders and pedophilia.

In July, Senator David Norris was heavily favored to be the first gay president of Ireland. His outspoken public personality and social media driven campaign had put him ahead in the polls and given him most of the political support he needed to win.

Irish Jews were not enamored of Norris who had become notorious for his attacks on Israel. Norris had called Gaza “an open air concentration camp” and repeatedly made comparisons to the Warsaw Ghetto”, denounced the “cynical, heartless and contemptible exploitation of the Holocaust” and called for an end to trade with Israel over the assassination of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

In a 2005 statement, he compared the American interrogation of terrorists to the Gestapo, the CIA to the Nazis and suggested that America had the attacks of September 11 coming to it.

Norris repeatedly denounced the War in Iraq, and went so far as to accuse America of causing a Holocaust in Fallujah.

He also condemned the Colombian government for the death of FARC’s second command and praised Hugo Chavez, as a “remarkable man and campaigner for democracy and human rights.”

No wonder then that in 2009, Norris cheered that, “those who gloated at the demise of communism in the Soviet Union might find themselves attending the obsequies of capitalism during their lifetimes. To a certain satisfactory extent, this seems to be occurring. Socialism is beginning to happen, but it is a forced conversion.”

Norris also asserted that there is no Islamic threat, and that “the belief that civilization will be wiped out by Islamic fundamentalists is hysterical.”

Does this story get worse? Of course it does.

Not only had Norris passed a motion for an “international solidarity campaign on behalf of the Paedophile Information Exchange,” an organization that supported legalizing pedophilia, but he had also commented in an article that there was something to be said for, “classic paedophilia, as practised by the Greeks.”

The final blow though did not come until the release of the Ezra Nawi clemency letter. Nawi, was a radical anti-Israel activist, who had received support from luminaries of the left like Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein, during his various brushes with the law. But in 1997, Nawi had been in an Israeli court on a more personal matter, charged with statutory rape for his sexual relationship with a 15 year old Arab boy.

In a letter on behalf of his ex-boyfriend to the court, Norris called Nawi, an “intelligent, honest, trustworthy, good and moral person.” Norris described himself as a “strong supporter of Israel” and emphasized that he had “been widely mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in the forth coming elections for the Presidency of Ireland.” The court, which was not likely to be conversant with Irish politicians, was left to assume that jailing Nawi would alienate a world leader.

Norris urged that Nawi be given a suspended jail sentence with community service, claimed that he had probably been entrapped by the police and warned that Nawi might commit suicide in prison.

That was back in 2011. Norris is still a Senator. He sits on the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Irish Parliament.

The Left isn't just worse than you can believe. It's worse than you can imagine.


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