Stock Market: Coronavirus or the Bernie Flu

There's no doubt that the coronavirus had an impact on the financial markets, but at least some of the negative impact seems to correlate far more definitively with the rise of Bernie Sanders as the dominant candidate for the Democrat nomination.

The coronavirus isn't new. The Bernie breakout is.

Of course that's a topic that the media won't discuss. The stock market drops on Obama's victories were ignored by the media. Likewise, the market's rise in response to Trump's rise were steadily dismissed. And yet it's fairly obvious how the market would respond to a militant socialist spewing half-baked plans about nationalizing everything and throwing out figures in the trillions of dollars as if they were losing cards in a game, and then shrugging that he doesn't have to account for every nickel and dime.

Between the wealth taxes, the attacks on the financial sector, and the insane nationalization and spending plans, it's not too confusing why the financial markets might be nervous as Sanders rises.

But the media can't talk about the Bernie Flu. Just as it couldn't talk about the Obama Epidemic.