Tom Steyer Calls for $22 p/Hour Minimum Wage

The $15 an hour minimum wage hasn't cost enough jobs yet. Tom Steyer is trying to outbid his leftier rivals with a $22 an hour minimum wage.

Democratic presidential hopeful Tom Steyer says he would call for a $22 hourly minimum wage if elected president.

The billionaire climate activist made that call during a campaign block party on Sunday afternoon in Winnsboro, South Carolina. Others in the field have called for an increase to $17 an hour.

Steyer is a billionaire. Maybe he can cover it out of his pocket change. 

A national minimum wage is estimated to kill nearly 4 million jobs. How many would that $22 wage kill?

So it's time for Bloomberg to call for a $25 minimum wage and for Bernie Sanders to call for eliminating money and paying everyone in moldy bread from the collective farms.


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