Warren in New Hampshire: “It’s Up To You, Massachusetts.”

Socialist grandma is really losing it.

New Hampshire is practically Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s backyard. So much so that she mistakenly thought she was home while campaigning there.

During a rally at a high school in the New Hampshire state capital of Concord on Sunday, Warren declared, “It’s up to you, Massachusetts.”

The crowd immediately reacted with chuckles and yelling out corrections. Warren corrected herself with a laugh, saying, “And to the people of New Hampshire. Thank you.”

New York and New Jersey are pretty close together too. But if you're running for president and you think that you have to campaign in Massachusets for the New Hampshire primary, then Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have a tough senility competitor.

Of the three of them, it'll be a tough race to see which of them knows which state they're in.

Maybe Warren can come up with a five point plan for remembering which state she's in while blaming her Hillaryitis on Wall Street.