Will Biden and Bloomberg Pave the Way for a Sanders Nomination?

Here's how this works.

Biden and Bloomberg, besides both starting with a 'B', are both very weak candidates, but the ones who have the best name recognition and backing.

Bloomberg is a terrible public figure with lots of money. After his bad decision to participate in the debates, his numbers are falling. But, it's possible that $300 million more in ads can get them back up, but maybe not by Super Tuesday. And certainly not if he keeps attending debates.

Biden's numbers have shot back up in South Carolina. A win there can reinvigorate his candidacy. Especially because the alternatives for the Never Sanders crowd, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, are mediocre and poor.

And so two zombie candidates, splitting the moderate vote, block each other, and pave the way for a Sanders nomination.

With his numbers looking good in a lot of Super Tuesday states, his pathway to the nomination could be fairly clear, not because a solid majority of Democrats support him, but because the opposition is divided and inept.