After Mexican Illegal in ICE Custody Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Activists Demand Releasing All Illegals

Here's an easy test. 

It's not a test to see if you hate America. That's already a foregone conclusion if you support illegal migration to America.

It's a test to see if you hate Americans. Other people. And just want to see them die.

If an illegal alien in ICE custody tests positive for the coronavirus, do you...

A. Propose sending everyone in ICE custody back to their own countries for their safety and ours

B. Demand that ICE release all the illegal aliens into this country to maximize the spreading of the disease and the resulting death ratio

Since lefties do indeed crave death, you can guess the response.

On Friday two doctors who are medical experts for the Department of Homeland Security sent a letter to Congress arguing that the department should consider releasing all immigrant detainees who don’t pose a risk to public safety, before it’s too late.

The doctors, contracted experts for the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, wrote they were “gravely concerned” about the threat the novel coronavirus poses.

Guess who should never be contracted by DHS ever again.

ACLU: Detainees are ‘sitting ducks’

Nah. Americans are sitting ducks, now literally, in a country overrun by illegal aliens and by disease thanks to the activism of the Left.