Bernie Sanders Bets On Muslims in Michigan

Bernie Sanders has two target demographics, wealthy white hipsters and Islamists. 

The former managed to get him California, because they run the place, but lefty tech bros and green finance scammers won't net him Michigan. That's where Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and Bernie's endless circle of Islamist grifters come to the party.

Muslim and Arab-American voters were critical to Bernie Sanders’ upset victory in Michigan that gave his 2016 campaign a second life.

On Tuesday, he’s counting on them again to help revive his bid for the White House.

The Vermont senator has won endorsements from key Muslim elected officials here, tapped Muslim leaders to be his top surrogates, and held a rally this week in one of the largest Muslim communities in the country. But for Sanders to succeed, it’s not enough for Muslim voters in Michigan to simply support him:

 According to Emgage, there are between 100,000 and 200,000 Muslim voters in Michigan, which is a small portion of the electorate: More than 2.5 million people voted in the state in the 2016 Democratic and Republican primaries.

The Sanders campaign tacked onto his calendar a rally in Dearborn, which attracted a diverse crowd and a large presence of Arab-Americans. A Shia imam, a Sunni state representative, a Palestinian surrogate and a Yemeni activist all spoke at the event, and an opening act featured dancers wearing Palestinian keffiyehs.

That's quite a "diverse" assortment of members of the same ethnic and religious group. But lefties use diversity to describe any group of non-white people, no matter how monolithic. 

Sanders’ team sent Tlaib and Abdul El-Sayed, who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2018, to campaign for him in mosques in the state Friday. The team is also sharing a new video with Arab-American voters in the state, which features state Rep. Abdullah Hammoud applauding Sanders’ “Not Me, Us” motto and forecasting that "the Arab-American population and the Muslim American population are going to be that swing vote that deliver strong results" in Michigan.

Exit polling by the Council on American Islamic Relations showed that 58 percent of Muslim American voters backed Sanders on Super Tuesday.

The grift here is that win or loser, and Bernie's path to victory has grown rather rocky, the Sanders campaign is really about elevating the profile and stature of various radical groups and individuals. That includes, obviously, Islamists.

If they can win Michigan for Bernie, then even if he loses in every state afterward, their influence in the Democrat Party grows. Even if he doesn't win, this attention alone will be helpful. 

Bernie won't really win. But the motto is real. It is about "us". Not us as in you or me, or even most Bernie voters, but the radicals using the senile socialist as a hand puppet.


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