Bernie Sanders is Flying So Many Private Jets He Can't Tell 'Em Apart

It's tough out there for a champagne socialist.

You've got three houses, so many jets you can't tell them apart, and you spend all your time attacking the 1 percent. Which you are. It takes a strongly dogmatic Marxist mind to stay on message. 

Fortunately, America's hardest working socialist screecher has one of those. Even if he can't tell the private jets apart.

Bernie Sanders is on the go all the time -- which seems to have given him a momentary case of a campaign brain fart as he accidentally boarded the wrong jet.

The Democratic front-runner was spotted Saturday making his way off of a private Gulfstream between campaign stops in South Carolina and Massachusetts -- the latter being where he held a rally at Boston Common ahead of Super Tuesday.

Back in the day, the Cult of Bernie got started by pushing a meme that Greedy Bernie flies coach. Right.

Last month, Sanders supporters were passing around a photo of Bernie Sanders asleep in coach. Such depictions of their candidate struggling with the same inconveniences as ordinary passengers had boosted his image as a fighter for the average guy. But there was one problem. The photo wasn’t of him. It was instead some ordinary man trying to catch a few winks in the middle of a crowded plane. 

Long before that meme, Sanders had already blown through six figures on private jets during the previous year. 

In April, Bernie Sanders took 50 staffers and reporters on a chartered Delta 767 for a trip to the Vatican where he briefly met Pope Francis  Not only wasn’t Bernie flying coach, but he was chartering mostly empty passenger planes on left-wing political jaunts. The menu on board Air Sanders included lobster sliders, crab salad, red lentil soup, herb crusted lamb loin, chocolate ganache, fine cheeses and white wine. It was a long way from coach.

And Jetgate has kept on going since.

Sen. Bernie Sanders 2018 re-election campaign spent almost $300,000 on private jet service for a recent cross country tour to stump for Democrats and test the presidential waters.

The Sanders campaign’s $50 million spending spree in the last quarter of 2019 included more than $8 million in spending on more than 900 staffers and $1 million on rent and utilities for an operation with a big physical footprint, as well as $1.3 million dropped on private flights to travel to and from events. 

To quote a certain recent Nobel Peace Prize nominee, "HOW DARE YOU?"


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