Chinese Carriers to Resume Flights to San Francisco

I know I sound like a broken record. But we can literally imprison half the country in their homes, but the machinery of globalism that did this has to keep on rolling and rolling. The Wuhan Virus infected Americans through global travel. Guess what we need more of?

Direct flights from mainland China.

While most U.S. airlines are cutting flights to historically low numbers because of the coronavirus pandemic, three mainland Chinese carriers plan to resume non-stop flights to San Francisco International Airport this month, a move SFO officials said “marks a hopeful change in direction.”

Whom is this a hopeful sign for?

The same media that shames people for going to the park or getting married celebrates the resumption of flights from the hot zone to one of the worst affected American cities.

The resumption of flights is one of several early signs that the worst could be over in China, meaning the crisis will eventually come to an end here, too.

Could be?

Or that the PRC continues to not care and lie about the impact of the virus. And is happy enough to go on spreading it.

How in the world can governing authorities justify shutting down most businesses because of a virus risk, and yet celebrate having people from in from the Chinese hot zone in cramped tin cans?

All three airlines are majority owned by the Chinese government (Air China is the national flag carrier), so operating these flights at near-empty loads and at a financial loss should not be much of a concern for each carrier. The likelihood is these flights will be mostly empty, and that's okay when you have the deep pockets of the Chinese government to finance these flights.

Why would the Chinese government be spending a bunch of money to fly empty planes to SFO?

With China slowly turning the corner as it relates to the pandemic, it may be the safest place to be in the months ahead as countries elsewhere grapple with the terrible consequences of this virus.

The media would like to remind you that it's 52% Chinese propaganda and 48% lies.