Coronavirus Relief Bill Bans Businesses from Opposing Unions

The Democrats are evil.

Hijacking coronavirus relief to fund the NEA, the Kennedy, Center, and push ballot harvesting and nationwide rigged elections is evil. But they're set to get plenty of the money and look at all the angles they're working.

From Phil Kerpen, "Here's a gem for the union bosses on page 524. If a medium size business (500 to 10,000 employees) takes the Treasury loan, they can't oppose any union organizing effort."

Or rather, have to "remain neutral".

It's evil and yet brilliant. The Democrats responded to coronavirus relief by building a ton of Trojan horses into it. This is merely one of them. The goal of all of these things is to put money in their pockets and power into their organizations.

And Republicans are going to let them get away with it.


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