Criminal Set Loose Because of Coronavirus Attacks Woman

The Left has a lot of policy responses to the Wuhan Virus.

1. Send $4 billion to New York museums

2. Ballot harvesting and same day voter registration

3. Green New Deal

4. Free all the criminals

LA Country's new sheriff freed over a thousand criminals and then began ordering gun shops to close. The ACLU keeps demanding a massive national jailbreak to protect the criminals from getting the Wuhan Virus. And lots of jurisdictions are freeing criminals.

Here's one case of how that worked out.

Days before the horrifying incident on March 11, Haskell was released from the prison to a halfway house as part of the Parole Violation Program. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, he was released.

Haskell's criminal history includes charges and/or convictions for domestic violence, assault, obstruction charges, drug-related charges, DUI, trespass, burglary and fraud/forgery, court documents state.

Or as pro-crime activists would call him, a "non-violent offender".

Officers responded to an American Fork residence after a boy called 911. He told dispatchers that he woke up to his mother screaming and believed she was being beaten.

As officers entered the house, the boy ran out. His mother came down the stairs in "a panicked and horrified manner," police recalled. She had black shoelaces tied around her wrists and ankles. 

During an interview with detectives, the victim said she was asleep and awoke to the sound of creaking stairs leading into her room. As she looked toward the door of the room, she saw Haskell -- who she didn't previously know -- looking at her. The woman said the man had a large serrated knife in his hand that was raised toward his head with the blade pointing down.

Court documents state that when the woman started screaming, Haskell told her to be quite or "he was going to cut her head off." He then tied up the woman's wrists and ankles with black shoelaces. Haskell said he was going to take her vehicle, cash and financial transaction cards. He also demanded her PIN numbers for the cards, threatening if they were wrong, he'd come back and kill her.

Time to release him again.