FACT CHECK: New York Times Falsely Claims Republicans Blocked Passage of Coronavirus Relief Disproven by Own Headline

After Senate Republicans and Democrats had successfully negotiated a coronavirus relief bill, objections by Rep. Clyburn, a top Biden ally, and Speaker Pelosi, led Democrats to vote down their own bill on a party line vote.

The New York Times correctly headlined the story, “Democrats Block Action on $1.8 Trillion Stimulus" before later changing the headline to, "“Partisan Divide Threatens Deal On Rescue Bill."

Since this was insufficient, its editorial board decided to roll out, "The Coronavirus Bailout Stalled.  And It's Mitch McConnell's Fault.  —  Senate Republicans are blocking passage of an economic bailout plan that protects jobs and wages."

The Times' own headline demonstrates that this claim is blatantly false. On the most basic level, Republicans did not block passage of the plan, Democrats did.

The Washington Post, for example, still has the correct headline up. "Democrats again block key vote on $2 trillion coronavirus bill."

Or Politico. "Coronavirus rescue package stalls after Democrats defeat key vote".

This is a simple matter of fact.

The New York Times is pushing a blatantly false narrative in order to shift responsibility from its political allies. This is the essence of fake news.