Illegal Alien Saved From ICE Sexually Assaults 3-Year-Old

Pro-illegal politicians want to save illegal aliens by enacting sanctuary states and cities. But there's no sanctuary for the victims of the undocumented child abusers.

An illegal immigrant was released under Chicago’s “sanctuary city” policy — only to sexually assault a 3-year-old girl and leave her sobbing for her father in a McDonald’s bathroom, according to authorities.

Mexican national Christopher Puente, 34, was only in Chicago because cops refused to hold him for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after he was arrested last year, ICE charged in a statement.

“The victim called out ‘Daddy, Daddy,’” Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy told a bond hearing last month, according to the Sun-Times.

Puente — who already had a long rap sheet — was deported in 2014, but sneaked back over the Texas border just five days later, ICE said last week.

Agents filed a formal request for him to be detained and ultimately deported when he was arrested for theft last June — but the agency says the “detainer was not honored,” leaving him free for his latest attack.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is, of course, properly repentant.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said ICE should “do their job better,” ABC said.

“They’re critical because we have said very clearly we are a welcoming city, a sanctuary city,” Lightfoot said, according to the network. “Chicago Police Department will not cooperate with ICE on any immigration-related business.”

The only way for ICE to do its job better would be to force Chicago to comply with United States laws. And that's not ICE's job. It's the job of the military to force rebellious areas back into the Union.

Until then, Mayor Lightfoot and Chicago employees will go on helping illegal alien pedophiles rape all the little girls they want.