Joe Biden Endorses Eliminating Freelance Workers

One of the least discussed issues that will impact this election is California's AB5 bill, which essentially eliminates freelance workers. This was followed by House Democrats passing their own version of AB5 which would do the same thing.

Protecting the Right to Organize Act, one of the most misleadingly labeled names imaginable, passed the House on a near party line vote. If the Democrats take the Senate and the White House, it will become law, and freelancers will become history.

And Joe Biden, the likely Democrat nominee, is all in on AB5. Biden tweeted, "I support #AB5 in California, which will give workers the dignity they deserve in the workplace."

In reality, AB5 eliminates jobs that unions can't unionize. It kills many self-employment categories, even aside from the gig economy that it's targeting, including freelance journalism.

It's already cost countless jobs in California.

But unions are mobilizing to ban freelancers nationwide. And "Union Joe" is on board with banning freelancers.


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