Joe Biden Is Not well

Joe Biden is the official pick of Democrats. It's either that or an even older and crazier socialist. Too bad he's not well.

After all the media praise, Joe goes out and claims he didn't believe that Saddam Hussein had nukes and argues with a worker about AR-14s, before announcing that he doesn't work for him.


Forget disqualifying. It's 2020 and nothing is disqualifying. Some things, like praising Castro, will win you elections in California and lose you elections in Florida. That's one reason Biden is being pushed forward. The Democrats would rather lose narrowly with Biden than face a down ballot apocalypse with Bernie Sanders. Losing with a candidate who doesn't infuriate half the country is a safer bet.

But Biden isn't well. That's been obvious for a while. If he were to win, it's an open question as to how long he'd serve.

And it's not just a matter of age. 

Biden's mental faculties have clearly failed at some point in the last 4-6 years. Other people may do the work of figuring out when he seemed to cross the terminator between obnoxious and confused, but he's crossed it. And that might be tricky to spot for a guy who spent most of his career lying badly and boasting needlessly, but it's been crossed. Joe's mind is out to lunch. Permanently.

In other words, he's unfit to hold any serious office. And the more he's out there, the more obvious that becomes.


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