Joe Biden: Political Troll

Rarely has a candidate become both the presumptive nominee and completely irrelevant at the same time. That's been one of Biden's many feats, becoming both the default nominee of his party even as politics became irrelevant in a ridiculously short span of time.

Instead of conventional campaign, Joe Biden has been reduced to launching some sort of shadow government briefings. 

The only problem is that the US is not a parliamentary system and Biden hasn't been elected to anything in 8 years. His shadow briefings are as meaningless as mine would be. 

The correct term for them is trolling.

While actual elected officials grapple with the Wuhan Virus crisis, Joe Biden trolls Trump and De Santis, who are making real decisions about handling a pandemic, while he decides which way to face the camera and how slowly to read his lines from the teleprompter.

A decent man would have stepped back, offered his support to elected officials, while waiting for the usual routine of politics to resume closer to the election.

The Democratic primaries are essentially over. Biden could take it easy. The only reason for him to run this routine is to fundraise off undermining President Trump, Governor De Santis, and other elected officials.

That's Joe Biden. He'll troll for cash during a pandemic.