New York Islamist Wants to Weaponize Coronavirus (VIDEO)

Would it be too much to ask that the emergency powers that have been used to criminalize businesses staying open, people holding weddings, or going for a drive, be used to actually deport an Islamist who talks about weaponizing the coronavirus?

A New York-based Muslim Brotherhood activist is urging Egyptians who are sick with the coronavirus or any flu to deliberately infect government and intelligence officials, police and military officers and members of the justice system.

Bahgat Saber vowed that if he gets sick with corona, he will go to the Egyptian consulate in New York to infect whomever he can.

Egypt is not in our jurisdiction, but talking about spreading the coronavirus to the Egyptian consulate in New York means he's proposing to spread the disease in the United States, in New York.

is there any reason beyond the seemingly unlimited privilege enjoyed by Islamists, especially Muslim Brotherhood types, that he can't be arrested and removed from this country?


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