No Trump Conspiracy Theory Is Too Implausible

A certain amount of bad faith assumptions about your political opponents is one thing. And we live in the era of political conspiracy theories. But you might think that at some point there would be a cutoff point. A conspiracy theory that runs over Occam's Razor and drives off into the night by way of a wormhole. With a rabbit waving a pocket watch. But there's no such thing. Not when it comes to...

Trump wants U.S. resurrected in time for hotel's pricey Easter brunch 

Trump hotel international conspiracies have been a booming media thing. But, come on. The working theory here is that President Trump is making his decisions about wanting to reopen the economy not based on the economy, or his own electoral prospects, but making sure to cash in on the Easter bunch menu of one of his hotels.

It makes complete sense if you subtract niceities like sanity, human nature, and reason from the equation. 

So look for it on the Maddow show on MSNBC. "Trump wants to kill millions of Americans for his hotel's Easter bunch."