NYT: If We're Generous to Iran, They Might Free Our Hostages

There's a certain kind of mind that reacts to Bob Levinson's family mourning his death with a call for more giveaways to the Islamic State.

"American generosity during the Coronavirus crisis might be the best way of persuading Iran to release American and other foreign detainees," the New York Times editorial board argues.


Loading billions in foreign currency and literally flying it into Iran didn't do it? $150 billion in sanctions relief wasn't generous enough to free Bob Levinson?

American detainees, nice of the Times not to use the vulgar term "hostage", keep being taken by the Islamic Republic precisely because we, either our government or some part of our society, pay for their ransom in one way or another.

The Times would like us to believe that the same theocrats who used children as human mine detectors, and who raped female protesters in prison so that they wouldn't go to heaven after being executed, will respond to our generosity and niceness.

This obscene malignant fake alturism right out of the Ben Rhodes echo chamber would be bad enough if it weren't coming at a time when Bob Levinson's family is mourning his death.