Pelosi Has Nothing to Lose By Taking Chinese Virus Relief Hostage

Short version. Everything that's happened over and over again.

If Dems aren't in power, they shut down the government. If they are in power, they leave Republicans with no other choice. They always get their way on bills because the media will always blame Republicans for a failure to pass "Urgent Act X" no matter how blatantly the Democrats set out to sabotage it. 

Fast forward to the pandemic, and House Speaker Pelosi pulls the same football routine. Negotiate a deal, wait until it's ready, pull away the football, call in the media as the force multiplier to accuse Republicans of not caring about health care workers and the poor. 

A mere pandemic won't change that.

This is what Pelosi does. It's what the media describes as "brilliant" even though it's every bit as innovative a tactic as mugging a senior citizen on the street, and then walking away, knowing that there will be no enforcement or response. 

The question, as usual, is will Republicans hold the line. The answer, as usual will likely involve a surrender to the terrorists.