Rep. Clyburn: Biden Was Losing Because He Was Afraid to Touch Women

Interesting theory. Let's test it.

Rep. Clyburn is the third highest ranking House Dem, the guy whose endorsement gave Joe Biden, South Carolina, and his presumptive nominee status. He's also a Farrakhan fan and quite sleazy. And is making a bid to run Biden's campaign.

He's also got some great advice.

“I saw a candidate that was not a reflection of the man himself,” Clyburn said of Biden’s early campaigning. “I spent a lot of time with Joe Biden over the years. ... My late wife, who’s a real political partner of mine, saw in Joe everything that you want to see in a political leader, but none of that was coming through. He was just getting just destroyed. And I thought it had a lot to do with his having become a victim of the #MeToo movement.”

Do tell.

And, remember this is coming from the racist sleazebag who was defending Rep. Conyers against #MeToo accusations because he thought his accusers were white. When he realized he was wrong, he threw in the towel, and Rep. Tlaib ended up in the House.

Biden’s tendency toward physical displays of affection, such as his tendency to hug strangers, caused him some problems early in the race. But Clyburn said Biden is “just a feeler, toucher kind of guy.” He added that his late wife, Emily England Clyburn, loved Biden and his warm physical presence, but that gift for retail politics was missing throughout his early state campaigning.

“He had his hands in his pockets, afraid to touch anybody,” Clyburn said of Biden. “In that very first debate, he got, as we say down in the hood, he got hit upside the head with the busing thing.”

Clyburn said that when he endorsed Biden, he also gave him some advice: “Loosen up.” 

“I’ve seen even that night there in South Carolina, he walked the rope line, people were grabbing him and hugging him and showing their feelings,” Clyburn said. “You just can’t walk around with your hands in your pockets when people are showing their feelings, and I just thought ... maybe that was just him wanting to be too careful. And of course those notes, somebody was writing them. 

The Grope Across America tour will be awesome.


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