Two Angry Old Men Yelling at Each Other in Arizona Will Settle Dem Nomination

Bernie's got a problem. 

He's struggling in the delegate count and Florida and New York are unlikely to help. He's got one way to reverse the tide, and that's destroy Biden in a debate.

Destroying Biden is not so hard. He's a confused and shambling wreck. Even Kamala Harris was temporarily able to pick up some of his voters that way. The trouble is Bernie is nearly as much of a mess. If his people weren't complete psychos, they might have been able to build an alliance with Elizabeth Warren. Instead, all the bridges were burned, and Sanders benefited little from her dropping out. 

But Warren, staying in, could have served as Bernie's hatchet woman. So might Tulsi Gabbard, though she last served as Biden's hatchet woman. But considering that she's polling at nothing, there's no pretext that could get her into the debate.

And Bernie is a poor debater. Not as much as Biden, but close enough. 

All he can do is respond to every question with an angry rant about corporations and medical care. That's not going to win anything.

After Biden's victory speech, it's clear that the current brains behind his campaign have been able to get him to memorize his own speeches and deliver them in an angry tone that passes for energy.

That's Bernie's shtick. And it's probably not a coincidence.

So the Arizona debate will consist of two old men angrily yelling at each other with stump speeches. Sounds like a winner. 


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