Biden: I Will Win Florida by Funding Cuban Commies

Does Joe Biden realize that the Cuban voters in Florida are not the same Cubans as the Communist government in Cuba? 

Apparently not, because his plan to win Cuba is to go Castro.

Regarding Cuba, Biden said he would restore the Obama policy of engagement.

“Yes, I would. In large part, I would go back,” Biden said. “I’d still insist they keep the commitments they said they would make when we, in fact, set the policy in place.”

Wouldn’t he be rewarding Cuba at a time when they are supporting and propping up Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela?

“Well, they’re having great difficulty propping up Maduro,” he said. “Number one, Maduro is in real trouble. Number two, there’s no reason why we cannot still sanction them, but failing to recognize them at all is a different thing than sanctioning them.”

He said engaging with Cuba isn’t just about Cuba, it also strengthens the United States’ hand throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Number three, Joe is very confused.

Obama wasn't 'enaging' Cuba, he was siding with it, helping finance it, and making it easier for San Francisco lefties from his base to tour Cuba, eat charred burgers, and molest child prostitutes for a fraction of the cost.

But Biden is putting Bernie lefties ahead of Cuban voters in Florida.


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