Dem Primary in Wisconsin Puts National Guard Lives at Risk

How vital is the slugfest between the socialist and the corrupt hack? 

The Democrat primary is a dead end. Biden won. Bernie Sanders is still dragging it out because once he stops, he becomes irrelevant. Not even his cult seriously believes he's going to run again in 2024. And then he just becomes another failed contender.

So why is Wisconsin going ahead with this train wreck?

Gov. Tony Evers has agreed to use members of the Wisconsin Army National Guard to work at the polls during the April 7 election amid a massive shortage of poll workers that is leaving some communities without anyone to give voters ballots on Election Day. 

More than 100 communities in Wisconsin don't have any poll workers for the spring election in six days and a record number of voters are overwhelming clerks with absentee ballots — leading to warnings that thousands of votes may not be counted.

"Governor Evers has agreed to use members of the Wisconsin Army National Guard to assist as poll workers, but it is anticipated that the assistance of the National Guard will not satisfy all of the current staffing needs,"  Assistant Attorney General Hannah Jurss wrote in a brief filed in a federal lawsuit seeking to postpone the election. "The National Guard is currently determining how many personnel it can make available for each county."

This is not what the National Guard is for. Their lives should not be put at risk for Biden-Bernie.