Joe Biden: To Hell With America, Save Iran from the Coronavirus

Joe Biden is really going for the Bernie Sanders voters.

But then again this was the guy who responded to 9/11, by urging that we send a $100 million check to Iran. So maybe Joe is just being Joe. But at a time when Americans are worried about their lives and livelihoods, Joe Biden rolled out a Medium post touting sanctions relief for Iran.


Maybe focus on the thousands of dead Americans. Especially in New York. A whole lot of those are Democrat voters.

Instead Biden is pushing the false claims that American sanctions stop the flow of medical supplies to Iran. They do not. Nor should President Trump take Biden up on his proposal to get cash into Iran.

That's what this is really about.

The Trump Administration should take immediate steps to address this problem and streamline channels for banking and public health assistance from other countries in response to the health emergency in Iran.

Note the reference to banking in there.

The agenda is to give Iran access to European financial institutions, sideline sanctions, and relieve pressure on the Mullahs.

This has nothing to do with the coronavirus.  It's about using the virus as a pretext to help Islamic terrorists.


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