While Americans Die, Democrat Senators Focus on Coronavirus in Gaza


While Americans are dying, Senator Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Patrick Leahy, Chris Van Hollen, Tom Udall, Jeff Merkeley, Sherrod Brown, and Thomas Carper, dispatched a letter demanding that the US fight coronavirus... in Gaza.

Gaza, with a population of approximately 1.8 million people and one of the most densely populated areas of the world, has a weak public health system, and has been subject to a blockade and border restrictions... Altogether, these conditions, if compounded by a COVID-19 outbreak in the region, would further endanger the health of Palestinians in the coastal enclave

To summarize, Gaza, which is run by Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group, doesn't have a coronavirus outbreak.

Sanders and Warren don't give a damn about America which does, but they want to send money to terrorists.

They're demanding that we go back to funding UNRWA, which is basically Hamas, and clamoring, "what steps is the Administration taking or planning to help provide the Palestinian people with access to adequate medicine, medical equipment, personnel, and other resources to combat the threat of a major coronavirus health crisis?"

How about we get enough ventilators and masks for American health care workers before we go help Hamas?