WHO Has American Blood on its Hands, Trump is Right to Cut Off its Cash

The story of WHO is the story of the entire UN which was occasionally useful until it fell into the hands of Communist governments and their third world allies. And then it became a toxic bureaucracy filled with radicals kowtowing to Communist and Islamist dictatorships.

WHO was not just disastrous in its mishandling of the Chinese Virus, aka the Coronavirus, or the Wuhan Virus, its appeasement of China meant that we could not trust its data or its claims, but didn't know it until it was too late. The corruption of WHO disarmed the world in the face of the Chinese Virus, so that too many countries, including the United States, didn't know how urgent the crisis was until it was too late.

And we didn't know because Communist China didn't want us to know. And what the ChiComs want, WHO delivers.

Like the rest of the UN, we should not be funding WHO. Instead, we should look for alternative models that bring together countries whose research and data are transparent.

President Trump is right to push for a reduction or even possible cutoff of money to WHO. It's a toxic organization that has American blood on its hands.