Why Would Michelle Obama Be Biden's VP When She Could Have Been the Nominee?

'I'd Take Her In A Heartbeat': Joe Biden Says He Would Pick Michelle Obama To Be His Vice President - CBS 

No doubt. And he's not alone. A lot of Democrats are fantasizing about this scenario. But they were also fantasizing about Michelle running for the nomination.

The problem with all these fantasies is that Michelle has shown no apparent interest in going the Hillary route. There's little doubt that she could have had the nomination free and clear if she had wanted it. Why settle for being the veep?

Michelle Obama showed little liking or appreciation for being in the White House. She didn't like the job of First Lady. And she didn't seem to like Barack running for office. 

The only reason for her to play Number Two is if she wants the job, but doesn't want to be the public face of a political campaign. And while that's not entirely implausible, she'd be stuck campaigning and doing the heavy lifting. But it would be one final way for Barack to protect his legacy. 


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