Bernie Supporters Are Using Tara Reade in a Cynical Game of #MeToo Blackmail

Rep. Ilhan Omar's remark that she believes Tara Reade, Biden's accuser, comes as no surprise. Among Democrats, whether you believe Reade or not is largely a partisan issue. And the believers are almost always Bernie partisans. It was indeed the Bernie partisans who elevated Reade and broadcast her claims, not because they believe her, but in a bid to gain power.

It's entirely possible that Biden assaulted Reade. But Bernie supporters will drop her the moment that the Biden campaign meets their demands. They're using her in a cynical game of #MeToo blackmail. After Bernie's loss, the radical crowd behind him hasn't given up, and is looking for any kind of leverage over Biden that they can find. Reade is one example of that.

Omar doesn't care whether Reade was really assaulted. What she wants to do is use the allegation as leverage to extract more concessions in exchange for support for Biden,

If Omar gets what she wants, she'll be out there on the campaign trail, disavowing Reade.