Biden Calls for "Rent Forgiveness"

What's the difference between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden? About six months.

That's how long it's taking Biden to adopt large chunks of Bernie's socialist agenda. Here's the latest Berniezing of Biden.

Appearing on Good Luck America, Snapchat’s daily political show, Biden was asked if the federal government should be in charge of helping people make their rent or mortgage payments. “There should be rent forgiveness and there should be mortgage forgiveness now in the middle of this crisis. Forgiveness. Not paid later, forgiveness,” he said, according to a Vanity Fair transcript of the interview. “It’s critically important to people who are in the lower-income strata.”

What exactly does that even mean?

The Omar version of this proposal called for "nationwide cancellation of rents and home mortgage payments through the duration of the coronavirus pandemic" and "a relief fund for landlords and mortgage holders to cover losses from the cancelled payments and create an optional fund to fully finance the purchase of private rental properties by non-profits, public housing authorities, cooperatives, community land trusts".

First make the properties worthless, cancel payments on them, offer some sort of relief fund, and buy up the whole thing outright.

Biden's version would offer some variation of this with rent forgiveness, courtesy of the government, followed by a relief fund that landlords can apply to. And in the meantime they're left hanging and hoping that the government will end up paying them. Meanwhile work done on the property and utilities also have to be paid for. How will that work? Don't ask Joe.


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