California: Give Us Money Or We'll Fire Cops and Firefighters

Governor Newsom is behind in the Most Loathsome Governor in America race, largely because he hasn't managed to kill as many nursing home residents as rivals like Cuomo and Murphy. But here he is trying to take first responders hostage.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) told CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday that the federal government has a "moral obligation" to provide funding for states in its next coronavirus relief bill, noting that police officers, health care workers and firefighters will be the first ones laid off as a result of massive budget deficits.


Cops and firefighters are the most expendable employees in California. Not the billion dollar homeless services infrastructure. Not all the social justice and diversity personnel. Not, for that matter, the vast useless corps of educational administrators.


We're gonna fire cops and firefighters because we decided to shut down the state and the rest of the country won't send us money.

This "pay me or the dog gets it" strategy is the usual California budget gambit taken to its logical conclusion without even the pretense of anything else. Newsom is taking the one part of government that people support and threatening to purge it if his political mafia doesn't get a ton of cash to spread around. The response shouldn't be money, it should be a federal investigation.

Governor Newsom is trying to make it look like Republicans don't care about cops and firefighters. What he's actually saying is that they're completely expendable political pawns.


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