California Illegal Alien Giveaway Helpline Gets 1.1 M Calls in 1 Day

A little reminder of how bad California's illegal alien problem is.

Last month, California made headlines when it announced a first-in-the-nation plan to create a $125m coronavirus relief fund for undocumented workers. But its rollout got off to a chaotic start this week, with thousands of calls flooding phone lines, creating huge delays, and so many visitors to the official website that it crashed for hours.

Nonprofits across the state selected to distribute the money reported huge demand as people rushed to secure a spot for the first-come, first-served program.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, or Chirla, one of 12 nonprofits tapped by the state to distribute the funds, received more than 1.1m phone calls on day one of the program – 630,000 calls just within the first 90 minutes of opening the hotline.

Just 1 of the 12 activist groups claims to have gotten 1,137,000 phone calls. That's a whole lot.

The Pew estimate was that there were over 2 million illegal aliens in California. We can safely say that number is nonsense.

In NYC, over a million IDNYC cards were handed out. Over 1 million illegal aliens received licenses in California.

How many actual illegal aliens are there? What's the actual population of California? How much of California's outsized political influence is the result of fake districts, a situation that will continue due to Justice Robert's to protect census fakery?