De Blasio: Riding in Crowded Subway, OK, Swimming in Ocean Isn't

Mayor Bill de Blasio has finalized his legacy this year. He's finally managed to outstrip his old boss, David Dinkins, to become the worst mayor in New York's history. And the inept radical leftist just can't stop the hollow pandemic posturing and theatrics.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) warned Monday that the city is serious about keeping swimmers out of the water at its public beaches Memorial Day weekend, even as other locations begin to lift their coronavirus-related restrictions.

"Anyone tries to get in the water, they’ll be taken right out of the water," he told reporters.

The mayor said that city officials would not put up police barriers at beaches, giving New Yorkers the chance to comply voluntarily. 

Riding on a crowded subway is fine. Crowding along with Hizzoner and his shady wife into Prospect Park is fine. So is taking his police detail to the gym. But if you swim in the ocean, you might catch the virus from the sharks.

Can lockdown theatrics get any sillier?

The safest place not to catch the virus in New York City is the ocean. And it's the one place you can't go.


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