Does Michelle Obama Want to be Biden's Veep or Upstage Him?

I've always been a Michelle skeptic. The reasons have been plain and simple.

1. Michelle Obama has shown no interest in the job.

2. She could have had the presidential nomination by just showing up. 

You can argue with 1, but 2 is pretty hard to argue with. Biden won because of black turnout. Imagine the turnout for the Obamas.

On the other hand, Becoming is being pushed across Netflix and she's in the news. And yes, there's a committee to draft her.

But is this about Michelle Obama becoming Biden's veep or upstaging him? 

If Michelle's going to run, 2024 would be much more convenient. Age won't be a problem for her, the way it will for Biden and Bernie. And she won't have to go up against Trump. Putting her in the spotlight now just reminds everyone of how much of an empty space Biden's candidacy is. And how much Biden needs the Obamas. A point he'd never argue with in public.

I still believe that what Michelle wants is money and fame without any of the responsibility. And that's what she has now. Does she want to spend another 4-8 years stuck in D.C. while having to schmooze every local mover and shaker. She's made it pretty clear that she doesn't. That's the same reason Oprah and whatever favorite celeb candidate the Dems toyed with never did it.

Yes, her ego is big enough that being First Lady is beneath her.