Environmentalists Go to War to Silence... Michael Moore

The good news for Michael Moore is that he's relevant again. The bad news is that it's because his name was attached to an environmentalist documentary that triggered environmentalists by arguing that 'green energy' was never going to work.

Planet of the Humans took environmentalism to its logical luddite conclusion which infuriated much of the movement that isn't interested in actually going back to the stone age. And, for once in his life, Moore went too far and offended his own allies.

The distributor pulled the free documentary. And lefty media has been full of shrill attacks on him. Like this one, from The Nation, "Meet the New Flack for Oil and Gas: Michael Moore".

The problem is that the facts about green energy were largely taboo outside the conservative movement and some fossil fuel lobbies. Which, in Warrenesque logic, means that featuring the down side of green energy means using right-wing talking points.

After all his time as a provocateur, Moore finally provoked the wrong people who, as it happens to be, are financing a big chunk of his own political movement. And there's a price to pay for that.


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