Gov. Whitmer Accuses 'Reopen' Protesters of "Worst Racism"

Worst governor, worst racism. Sounds about right.

When in doubt, the first rule of being a Democrat is accusing your opponents of racism. And Governor Whitmer, in her frantic race to bankrupt her state and try to land Biden's Veep spot, is going there.

Governor Whitmer accused Capitol protesters of the "worst racism". It's not clear what this false accusation is based on, except some of the photoshopped protest signs. There were some signs calling Whitmer a Nazi and while those signs may be over the top, they're quite clearly not expressing approval for Whitmer. Unless she thinks a protester waving a "Heil Whitmer" sign was expressing approval of her failed administration and seeking to encourage her to usher in a Nazi dictatorship.

Signs portraying Trump as a Nazi have been ubiqutious at rallies. But the media would never allow Trump surrogates to claim that they're racist. And yet the media has no problem letting Whitmer make that laughable claim.


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