Head of Columbia's First Amendment Institute Backs Censoring Conservatives

The reaction by old-time liberal civil liberties institutions to Big Tech monopolies censoring conservatives has been, "Faster, Please." 

That's because they've become lefty facades with zero interests in their own founding missions.

Here's the Knight First Amendment Institute.

“This order is an effort to intimidate technology companies from using tools that are indispensable to protecting the integrity of public discourse online,” Jameel Jaffer, executive director at the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, said in a statement. Parts of Trump’s proposed order “raise additional constitutional concerns, since they seem to contemplate that the government will investigate and punish internet service providers for decisions that are protected by the First Amendment.”

The First Amendment protects free speech. It doesn't protect the decision of platforms to selectively censor content while maintaining monopolies on access. There's no First Amendment right for AT&T to interrupt phone calls by conservatives.

The First Amendment is meant to protect free public discourse. A handful of companies monopolizing the public marketplace and then reshaping it in line with their own politics poses a primal threat and should face anti-trust action.

But more significantly, Jaffer's argument about "protecting the integrity of public discourse online" is the oppose of the First Amendment.

It's a censorship argument.

Jameel Jaffer is an ACLU vet who became famous for litigating over Gitmo Islamist terrorists, assorted actions against Islamic terrorists, and filing a petition for a visa for Tariq Ramadan, the Islamist rapist. He celebrated Ramadan with Obama at the White House.

This is what lefty First Amendment advocacy looks like now.