Joe Biden Dodges Sex Assault Accusations By Pandering to Female Soccer Players


Former Vice President Joe Biden pledged to cut funding to the US Soccer Federation if women don't get equal pay to their male counterparts.

The team's fight for equal pay was rejected on Friday when a federal judge dismissed the players' claims that they were paid less than the men's national team.

In a tweet Saturday afternoon, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee encouraged the women's national team to not give up their fight.

"This is not over yet. To @USSoccer: equal pay, now. Or else when I'm president, you can go elsewhere for World Cup funding," he wrote on Twitter.

1. Why in the world should taxpayers be funding soccer teams of any gender?

2. Biden's sudden interest in this subject can be linked to his desperate pandering to feminists, by bringing in Megan Rapinoe, all to avoid the growing controversy over sexual assault charges made by a former staffer. 

"He can't be a rapist, he wants to promote female soccer players."

None of this addresses the issue, but we know from the Clinton years that many professional feminists, like soccer players, work cheap.

So how many girls and women does Biden get to grope in exchange for giving Megan a raise?


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